We offer sandwich panels, cold-formed profiles - purlins, flashings, insulation materials and mounting accessories. Everything you need to build skeletal buildings with a lightweight housing. Descriptions and technical parameters are on the cards of each product. You can easily compare and choose from the most popular types of panels.


  • Panels - PUR PIR

    They have been replacing traditional building materials for many years.
    Fast assembly of light steel structures and assembly - these are the best assets.

    Our range includes sandwich panels with very good thermal insulation properties with a core made of rigid polyurethane foam, mineral wool and polystyrene. Individual models differ in the type of material used to make the bottom cladding, such as: fiberglass PRFV (glass fiber reinforced with polyester resin), aluminum foil, galvanized steel sheet. The top cladding on all models is made of sheet steel with a zinc or polyethylene coating. We also offer wall panels in the option of a concealed connector and a visible connector.

    The materials available in the offer are used in farm and inventory buildings as a roofing, in particular for unheated buildings. Some of the proposed models can be used to renovate ethernet-based roofs. The material is resistant to mechanical damage and weather conditions. Works well in an aggressive environment. Depending on the thickness and type of the core, the products have different insulating properties - hence the ability to adapt to individual needs.

  • Panels - mineral wool

    Ceramic-based building materials have been replaced by sandwich panels for many years because of their ease of installation and fast installation light steel structures.

    These products are made of practically combined construction and insulation materials. They are based on outer layers that have optimal mechanical and thermal properties. We offer roof and wall panels consisting of solid external and internal cladding (based on steel sheets) and a core based on mineral wool. In addition, the products have metallic and organic coatings on the inner and outer layers, increasing resistance to mechanical damage.

    We offer sandwich wall and roof panels with different core thicknesses, including: 60, 75, 100 , 125, 150 mm. They are used for housing internal and external walls as well as partition walls. The products are used as a building material for industrial, sports, production and storage facilities.

  • Steel profiles

    The profiles offered by our company are made of cold rolled steel sheet.

    This technology allows to achieve very durable, and thus receive better surface finish quality and at the same time produce products with greater precision than hot rolled ones. The profiles are made of material with S350GD, galvanized with a thickness of 1.50 mm to 3.00 mm in the shape of the letters Z, C or SIGMA and available in many dimensional versions. Their main advantage is, above all, strength, as well as high rigidity, with a relatively low own weight.

    They are most often used in the creation of structural elements of building objects, both industrial and service. Particularly in the case of roof constructions, this gives flexible structural possibilities to transfer the gravity forces that load load-bearing walls. They are very well suited for laying as ceiling beams, eaves beams and wall transoms or supporting elements.

  • Accessories:...

    Each object needs fasteners, finishing elements, sealing of leaks, and all this must be aesthetically matched to the character of the object.

    We offer elements such as:

    - self-drilling screws for steel, for wood of various lengths and degree of drilling,

    - flashings in the color of wall and roof sandwich panels,

    - steel and PVC guttering in standard RAL colors,

    We develop and prepare all elements of the facility's finishing in agreement with the investor at the project valuation stage.

  • Assembly of light...

    There are three basic elements throughout the process:
    - seeking information and advice,
    - ordering and delivering materials,
    - construction of the facility,

    We participate in each of them, helping to optimize the entire production process, which is the object invented and designed by the architect.

    Regardless of whether it is a production hall, warehouse or public utility facility, during each investment, emphasis is placed on two basic factors: cost and construction time. The use of a modern solution, such as sandwich panels, will be a source of benefits in both these matters. Not only will it significantly accelerate the entire process, but also optimize the expenses incurred during it.

    With the above in mind, we leave a note here and encourage you to contact us.

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