Shipping methods, forms of transport.

Ordered goods in Poland are sent according to the following rules:

  1. orders are carried out with own pickup by the Employer, or carried out by with an additional transport fee as agreed with the Employer

  2. orders for sandwich panels in the amount over 350 m2 are carried out without additional charges for transport only in Poland

  3. other materials according to individual arrangements

Ordered goods outside Poland are delivered only according to individual arrangements.

Payment and order fulfillment rules:

After the order is received by the store's service, the verification process begins. That is why it is so important to enter all data enabling contact with the Purchaser. The ordering party, after selecting the goods, goes to the payment module choosing one of the options: traditional bank transfer or PayPal. We also use a different payment method: 30% advance payment after placing the order, remaining balance, 70% before loading. In this case, only the option of bank transfer to your account is available.

We fulfill orders according to the following dates:

  1. sandwich panels: 3-4 weeks,

  2. cold-formed profiles, purlins: 10 working days

  3. all others according to separate arrangements

We reserve that the production date may change by +/- 7 business days for reasons beyond our control, which we will inform immediately.

Order and shipment status

You can check the status of your order on an ongoing basis:

  1. if you have created an account - check the order status HERE.

  2. if you have not created an account - check the status of the order without logging in by providing the order number and your e-mail address.

Goods for shipment are properly packed and secured. Please check when picking up the goods that it has not been damaged during transport.

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