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They have been replacing traditional building materials for many years.
Fast assembly of light steel structures and assembly - these are the best assets.

Our range includes sandwich panels with very good thermal insulation properties with a core made of rigid polyurethane foam, mineral wool and polystyrene. Individual models differ in the type of material used to make the bottom cladding, such as: fiberglass PRFV (glass fiber reinforced with polyester resin), aluminum foil, galvanized steel sheet. The top cladding on all models is made of sheet steel with a zinc or polyethylene coating. We also offer wall panels in the option of a concealed connector and a visible connector.

The materials available in the offer are used in farm and inventory buildings as a roofing, in particular for unheated buildings. Some of the proposed models can be used to renovate ethernet-based roofs. The material is resistant to mechanical damage and weather conditions. Works well in an aggressive environment. Depending on the thickness and type of the core, the products have different insulating properties - hence the ability to adapt to individual needs.

PUR and PIR sandwich panels, roof and wall -


  • Wall panels -...

    Wall sandwich panel with a hidden connector most often used as external and internal walls of office buildings, public buildings, and industrial buildings.

    Sandwich panels are a functional, visually attractive, and universal solution. Depending on the needs, they can be used in both vertical and horizontal wrap.

    Our assortment includes wall sandwich panels made of galvanized steel, which are highly resistant to adverse weather conditions and external factors. Between the cladding there is a core of varying thickness, made of PUR foam, which guarantees adequate thermal or PIR insulation with increased fire resistance.

    The presented panels can be successfully used as walls of skeletal steel structures, guaranteeing the high aesthetics of the finished object and stable thermal conditions in its interior.

  • Wall panels - visible...

    Wall sandwich panel, currently the most popular building material, in which the fastening connector is visible, most often used as a housing for light steel constructions as well as for the construction of gates and doors of industrial buildings and production halls.

    Our assortment includes versions consisting of two layers made of galvanized steel sheet and a core of rigid thermal insulation foam with a thickness of 40 to 150 mm.

    The presented wall panels have excellent thermal and acoustic properties, much better than when using panels with mineral wool or foamed polystyrene. They are successfully used in industrial halls, all public buildings and in the construction of various types of partition walls or as thermo-modernization of older buildings, giving them a fresh and modern design.

  • Roof panels - G3

    The G3 roof sandwich panel, intended for roofing of workshop and warehouse buildings, agricultural halls, outbuildings, and other utility buildings, is not only a functional, but also an economical solution.

    Below you will find G3 sandwich roof panels, perfectly suited for finishing roofs of objects with a large surface area. Thanks to high thermal insulation, they ensure appropriate conditions inside buildings, halls, or storage rooms.

    Our assortment includes G3 roof sandwich panels, available in trapezoidal, grooved, linear or smooth profiles. The core is made of hard polyurethane plate and other materials used that are resistant to external factors and an aggressive environment, they are perfect for various utility buildings.

  • Roof panels - G5

    G5 roof sandwich panel for roofs of workshop and warehouse buildings, outbuildings, public buildings - an excellent material for fast and effective construction.

    The right selection of roof coverings is key to providing buildings with functionality. Especially outbuildings, industrial facilities, workshops, halls, and other facilities that are usually not heated require the use of solutions to ensure appropriate thermal conditions.

    We have prepared G5 roof panels, consisting of galvanized steel sheet, polyurethane layer, ensuring high thermal and acoustic insulation. We offer roof panels available in several universal colors, equipped with a 40 to 120 mm thick core, which can be selected for almost any object.

  • Panels AGRO - Fiberglass

    The AGRO sandwich panel is an excellent material for renovating roof coverings made of asbestos as well as covering various agricultural buildings, especially barns, piggeries, poultry houses and storage rooms.

    The presented versions have been enriched with a special coating, showing high resistance to aggressive factors, such as ammonia or hydrogen sulfide, prevailing in livestock buildings. That is why they can be successfully used as finishing coatings, among others barns or piggeries, in which the selection of appropriate finishing materials plays a key role in maintaining buildings in good condition.

    Below you will find Agro sandwich panels with a polyurethane foam core with a thickness of 40 to 120mm, available in several colors. Depending on the type, they can be used for finishing sheds, stables, and roofs in unheated rooms.

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