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Steel profiles

In addition to the roof and wall panels, our product range also includes steel purlin profiles. These elements, due to their relatively light weight and very high strength, are intended for use in the creation of roof structures. The products on offer are made of galvanized steel strip, which means that they are protected against the harmful effects of corrosion and can be used for many years. The great advantage of sections is also the possibility of their free design, thanks to which previously prepared elements can be delivered to the construction site and immediately used for assembly without wasting time. This means that the process of erecting the structure can be significantly accelerated.

Our offer includes various types of sections. We have prepared steel profiles in the form of Sigma purlins, Z-type and C-type. when constructing curtain and partition walls or when laying ceiling and eaves beams.

Sandwich panels

We are a distributor of solutions for both industry and consumers. In our offer you can find panels and insulating materials.

Due to the growing needs of the industry with regard to the utility began to use products such as sandwich panels and now they constitute the majority of solutions for such projects. To meet the expectations of the market, our company is selling, delivering, consulting in the field of materials for the construction of frame buildings with lightweight casing and the assembly of ordered panels.

We are happy to answer all your questions and help you choose the best solution. Moreover, we guarantee transport services purchased material.

We guarantee that all panels meet the most stringent standards and their price is extremely advantageous. If you are interested in sandwich panels simply go to the sub and then read the technical specification and order the product - we'll do the rest.

Roof panels

Our offer includes roof panels that are very well suited for roofing and renovation of roofing made of eternite. The materials available in the assortment are characterized by very good mechanical and insulating properties. Due to the high quality of internal and external claddings, they show resistance to difficult weather conditions.

Wall panels

We have wall panels in our assortment, which are perfect for covering walls of steel structures. They are characterized by very good thermal properties - depending on the thickness of the core and the type of its filling correspond to different technical parameters. We have a wide range of products that can be used in industrial and office buildings, etc.

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