Panels AGRO - Fiberglass

The AGRO sandwich panel is an excellent material for renovating roof coverings made of asbestos as well as covering various agricultural buildings, especially barns, piggeries, poultry houses and storage rooms.

The presented versions have been enriched with a special coating, showing high resistance to aggressive factors, such as ammonia or hydrogen sulfide, prevailing in livestock buildings. That is why they can be successfully used as finishing coatings, among others barns or piggeries, in which the selection of appropriate finishing materials plays a key role in maintaining buildings in good condition.

Below you will find Agro sandwich panels with a polyurethane foam core with a thickness of 40 to 120mm, available in several colors. Depending on the type, they can be used for finishing sheds, stables, and roofs in unheated rooms.

Panels AGRO - Fiberglass

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