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  • Which sandwich panel to choose?
    Which sandwich panel to choose? (5)

    An excellent solution for finishing industrial, utility and farm buildings, where it is necessary to create the right conditions, are wall sandwich panels.

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  • Cold rolled steel profiles
    Cold rolled steel profiles (1)

    Nowadays, there is no doubt that one of the most commonly used materials in industry are steel profiles. This happens for a reason - they are distinguished by their extraordinary durability, and at the same time they allow the creation of complex structures, such as halls, storage racks and many others.

    Before you start using these types of elements for your purposes, you should know the most important steel...

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  • Installation of photovoltaic panels on roof panels.
    Installation of photovoltaic panels on roof panels. (1)

    In order for the building to withstand solar cell load, it is best if this type of investment is planned at the design stage of the facility. However, it is also possible to install photovoltaic panels at a later time, provided that the appropriate conditions are met and that the roofing is not affected. In our article, we discuss the topic of installing modern systems using solar energy. We also provide possible directions for the development of the photovoltaic industry.

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