Wall panels, mineral wool, PWS-W - 150 mm

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Wall panels with mineral wool core.

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Core thickness [mm] -150
Density of the core [kg/m2] -100
Module [mm] -1150
Maximum length [mm] -18000
Minimum Length [mm] -2000
Weight [kg/m2] -25,80
Type cladding -steel sheet / steel sheet
Upper cladding [mm] -0,5
Lower cladding [mm] -0,5
Heat transfer coefficient U (W/m2K) -0,28
Reaction to fire (all uses) -Bs1-d0
Resistance to fire -REI60
Degree spread of the fire -NRO
Anti-corrosion coatings -polyester gloss / matt, polyurethane, PVDF, zinc, aluzynk

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- Outer and inner claddings are made of galvanized steel sheet thickness. 0.5 mm, coated with metallic and organic coatings.
- The core is made of mineral wool with a density of 120 kg / m3, combined with a two-component polyurethane adhesive lining, milled at the site of contact which increases insulation and sealing plates.
- Profiles: micro-wave V, micro-trapezoidal T.
- Modular width 1150 mm.


- Connecting plate of "tongue and groove" allows easy and quick installation, at the same time through its tightness serves as a good, refractory insulator.

Application thickness of 150 mm:

Wall sandwich panel with a core of mineral wool is intended for use as a cover external and internal walls and partitions. Designed as a construction material for industrial halls, sports production and storage buildings, the construction of commercial buildings, catering and administrative and social.


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Wall panels, mineral wool, PWS-W - 150 mm

Wall panels, mineral wool, PWS-W - 150 mm

Wall panels with mineral wool core.

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