Wall panels - MW

We sell products whose main structural element is the good mineral wool
insulation capacity. Wall panels available in our offer are primarily
characterized by simplicity in assembly. They are also characterized
by ease of use in lightweight steel constructions.

To make the cladding in our boards, galvanized sheet was used,
which was additionally reinforced and secured with various types of lacquer
coatings. Thanks to the use of very good quality mineral wool,
we can ensure high thermal and fireproof insulation, as well as the tightness
and durability of sold wall panels.

Wall sandwich panels are used both in the creation of internal walls, as well
as external and partition walls. Wall panels work well in many different types
of facilities, such as sports and storage halls as well as gastronomic or
administrative-social premises. In this way, mineral wool as a core of sandwich
panels provides a protective thermal layer and a barrier against fire.
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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items