Roofing panels, polystyrene, PWD-S - 50 mm

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Roof panels with polystyrene core.

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Core thickness [mm] -50
Density of the core [kg/m2] -16,20
Module [mm] -1150
Maximum length [mm] -18000
Minimum Length [mm] -2000
Weight [kg/m2] -8,66
Type cladding -steel sheet / steel sheet
Upper cladding [mm] -0,5
Lower cladding [mm] -0,5
Heat transfer coefficient U (W/m2K) -0,75
Thermal Resistance - R [W/m2K] -1,23
Anti-corrosion coatings -polyester gloss / matt, polyurethane, PVDF, zinc, aluzynk

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- Outer and inner claddings are made of galvanized steel sheet thickness. 0.5 mm, coated with metallic and organic coatings.
- The core is made of polystyrene with a density of 16 kg / m3, combined with facings two-component polyurethane adhesive milled at the site of contact which increases the insulating properties and sandwich panel.
- Profiles: micro-wave V, micro-trapezoidal T.
- Modular width 1150 mm.


- Easy and fast through merger, which acts as a good insulator and at the same time significantly affects the tightness of the fire.

Application thickness 50 mm :

Sandwich panel roof with polystyrene core is designed for unheated buildings with less demanding insulation. The plate used for bridging storage facilities and light industrial buildings both in and agricultural halls. The disc may be in the embodiment of two humps, and also as a plate with four humps. The choice depends on the quantity of the projections supports the density of the plate, and the number of holes in the roof and ruptures.


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Roofing panels, polystyrene, PWD-S - 50 mm

Roofing panels, polystyrene, PWD-S - 50 mm

Roof panels with polystyrene core.

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