We offer our clients purlins for which cold-rolled sheet was used.
It is a metal product whose task is to relieve the ballast of the roof structure
and transfer it to the walls of the building.

Among our proposals you will find steel ridge, roof or alloy purlins.
In the first two cases, they are supported by poles. We sell steel purlins,
which are available in four dimensional versions: 1.50 mm, 2.00 mm, 2.50 mm
and 3.00 mm wall thickness.

They can be used as parts of the roof truss also in residential buildings
where metal elements have been used. They are permanent components that serve
to support roof rafters and strengthen their construction.
Due to their relatively low weight, and at the same time high strength,
they are also used to create lightweight systems. These are also elements
whose installation time is much shorter than those made of hot rolled steel.
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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items