What is a roof sandwich panel?

The presented solution is used, among others for roofing of commercial and industrial buildings. It is also used to renovate roofing made of asbestos. Roof panels made of insulation and construction materials are an extremely functional solution, appreciated, among others for its strength and good thermal insulation properties.

Roof sandwich panels - types.

Usually they are a combination of a sheet covered with a protective layer, effectively protecting against moisture and other harmful external factors, as well as a core available in many thicknesses. Usually, they are made of specific materials, ensuring adequate thermal insulation. The type of core used depends on the application.

The most popular and common types of fillings include, among others Styrofoam, mineral wool or polyurethane foam. This is the most important part of the roofing. These types are mainly appreciated for their fire resistance and thermal insulation and acoustic properties. They are used, among others to cover production and industrial halls, warehouses, as well as commercial facilities, service premises.

Roof sandwich panels - advantages.

Each panel is equipped with a system that ensures easy and precise installation, which avoids empty spaces and leaks between individual elements. This is one of the key advantages that distinguish this type of roofing.

Their additional advantage is also fire resistance. Thanks to the appropriate materials used to make individual elements, each structure will be properly protected and thus durable.

It is also worth mentioning the economic aspect. It usually takes no more than three days for a team of roofers to make roofing panels, which saves not only time but also capital.

In addition, thanks to the different color versions of the cladding, it is possible to choose the version that best matches the facade, which makes it not only practical but also aesthetic.

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