What is a wall sandwich panel?

An excellent solution for finishing industrial, utility and farm buildings, where it is necessary to create the right conditions, are wall sandwich panels.

Wall panels - construction.

The said solution consists of claddings made of hot-dip galvanized steel sheet in order to protect it against the harmful effects of external factors and adverse weather conditions, such as high and low temperatures, humidity or intense solar radiation, as well as special filling. Usually, it is made of materials with good thermal and acoustic insulation, such as polystyrene, glass wool or polyurethane foam.

Depending on the type of construction, it is possible to select variants with specific parameters that are the most optimal solution. That is why they can be used for finishing facades as well as interior or partition walls.

Advantages of using sandwich wall panels.

These elements are primarily a practical and economical solution for finishing lightweight structures. Special locks in which wall panels are equipped allow for their easy and quick installation, minimizing the risk of leaks or gaps between individual elements that could affect the durability of the covering.

The result is that facades or internal walls are more durable and durable, which avoids expenses related to repairs.

In addition, they are available in variants that differ not only in parameters, but also in color versions. Thanks to this, with their use it is possible to create facades that are not only durable and resistant to external conditions, but also aesthetic and visually attractive.

You cannot forget about the functionality of sandwich wall panels. They provide not only thermal insulation, but also satisfactory fire resistance, which makes them an extremely practical solution.

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