What are the advantages of sandwich panel construction?

Regardless of whether it is a production hall, warehouse or public utility facility, during each investment, emphasis is placed on two basic factors: cost and construction time. The use of a modern solution, such as sandwich panels, will be a source of benefits in both these matters. Not only will it significantly accelerate the entire process, but also optimize the expenses incurred during it.

Elements prepared before assembly

A sandwich panel is an extremely grateful material when it comes to ergonomics in the preparation of the components needed for the housing of our facility. This is due to the fact that already at the design stage you can prepare the so-called cut list. The architect who deals with the planning carefully measures each section of the building and prepares a detailed specification of the necessary elements. The manufacturer produces the boards in accordance with the dimensions received and in the specified quantity. Thanks to this, first of all, material losses are limited, and we avoid the cumbersome and time-consuming cutting and fitting, which usually has to be taken into account in the case of classic building materials.

The entire preparation process is facilitated by the modularity of the widths used by the panel suppliers - the most popular of them are 1000 and 1150 mm.

When everything is ready, it's time to build it properly

Prefabricated materials are delivered to the construction site in specific lengths and appropriately marked, so they can be immediately used in the assembly process. The casing with plates progresses very quickly due to the low weight and large covering area of ​​individual elements. The space is closed, depending on the building area, in a few to several days, which is important in the further stages of preparing the building for operation.

Compared to classic building materials, the use of sandwich panels saves human resources and time and allows you to focus on the next stages of finishing the facility.

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