What to consider when choosing a sandwich panel?

The purpose of the newly created object is one of the features that are crucial when selecting building materials. The future use of real estate affects many other issues, such as minimum strength or necessary thermal insulation of sandwich panels used to erect a structure. So how do you choose the right components? Which of them will make the building serve its users for many years, ensuring security and functionality?

Resistance of building materials.

Depending on whether the goal is to erect a livestock facility, cold store or erecting an additional partition wall in an industrial plant, the customer should choose different sandwich panels. The additional wall that will be installed inside the building does not have to show increased resistance to weather conditions. In this case, however, it will be useful for resistance to chemicals and mold and mildew growth.

Adjusting sandwich panels to the features of the structure.

Another important feature of building materials is strength, which is calculated taking into account various factors affecting sandwich panels. These include, for example, the span and weight of the structure, but also the maximum force of weather conditions, such as wind or snow. If the object is to be a safe livestock room, then the calculations should be compared with the parameters of individual products.

Thermal insulation of components.

At industrial halls or in facilities intended for animals, it is also crucial to ensure optimal temperature. Depending on whether the sandwich panels are intended for roof or wall construction, they must have different parameters related to heat retention. Usually, if you need to use better insulation, choose materials that are simply thicker. The type of core used in selected industrial components is also an important issue.

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