Panels - polystyrene

Sandwich panels replace traditional ceramic building materials - this is a known fact. We offer sandwich panels with styrofoam core for wall and roof constructions.

We offer for sale durable laminar boards with a core based on polystyrene with a density of 16kg / m3 and external and internal cladding of galvanized steel with a thickness of 0.5 mm (with coatings based on, among others, polyester, polyurethane, PVDF, galvanizing or aluzinc) . The linings are connected to the core using a two-component polyurethane adhesive. The profile structure is characterized by a specific form of cladding profile in the micro-wave variant V or micro-trapezoidal T.

The offer includes roof and wall panels that enable installation on light steel constructions and easy assembly. They can be used as a good insulator and, at the same time, provide fireproofing support. Building materials can be used to build office, industrial and warehouse facilities. Depending on the thickness of the core, the products can be used for various insulation needs. The structure of the material ensures that it guarantees an optimal and stable temperature in the interior.

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