Transportation - Payment - Realization

 Transportujemy za darmo od 350 m2

Methods of shipment, form of transport

Ordered goods on Polish territory is sent by the following principles:

  • Order of the plates up to 350 m2 are carried out with self-acceptance by the Purchaser, or carried out by PlytaCMB with an extra charge for transportation by common agreement with the Customer.
  • Order the plates in quantities above of 350 m2 are realized without additional charges for transportation.
  • other materials according to individual arrangements

Goods ordered outside the Polish territory are delivered solely by individual arrangements.

Goods for shipment is properly packed and secured. Please check on receiving of delivery, or has not been damaged during transport.


Rules for payment for ordered the goods

After receipt by shop service contract begins the process of verification. It is therefore important to enter accurate data to have chance contact with the Customer.

The Customer, when selected the item goes to the payment by selecting one of the options: traditional transfer to bank account or PayPal.

We use also the different term of payment: 30% installments after placing an order and the balance of 70% prior to loading. In this case is the only available option bank transfer on the account.

Service of the store in order to verify the submitted order shall contact with the Customer, and then will send confirmation of the date of the relist of order. Performance of the order is made at the time of 3-4 weeks from the date recorded on the bank account. PlytaCMB keeps the right to postpone it max 7 days respect the indicated lead time.

Accepting orders and verification is carried out within 1-2 working days of receipt. Orders placed on weekends and holidays are appropriately with the first working day after a period of slow or holiday.


The state of order and shipment

You can keep check on the status of order: